Open Mic Night: Have at It

There is so much craziness going on right now that I gave on deciding on ONE thing to blog about.

Have at it, Bar Patrons.


#Mizzou and The Liberal Limit

Mizzou football scored their greatest victory ever on Monday, effectively sacking the school’s president.

Tim Wolfe resigned as head of the University of Missouri
(and took the Chancellor with him) following criticism of how he responded—or didn’t—to racist attacks on students over the past few months.

“The frustration and anger that I see is clear, real, and I don’t doubt it for a second,” Wolfe said. “Please, please, use this resignation to heal, not to hate, and let’s move on together for a brighter tomorrow.”

Mizzou’s black players had announced a strike the day before—joining scores of student activists led by a hunger striker who refused to eat until Wolfe left. In a parting shot to the protesters he defied as recently as Sunday, Wolfe said he shouldn't have been ousted like this.

“This is not, I repeat, not, how change should come about,” Wolfe said, adding that change comes from listening to others.
“I take full responsibility for the inaction, and I take full responsibility for the frustration that has occurred.”
Boo, lemme stop you right there.


Thoughts on the Raven-Symone Petition and the Nouveau Heroin Chic

Okay, so not everyone is down with having Raven-Symone fired from The View (which, FYI, I don't even watch).  Some folks thinks it's a cop-out, taking the easy road, focusing on the wrong thing.  And to an extent, I agree with that.  For example, when Jane Doe is getting manhandled by Officer Slam, we shouldn't really be caring that say, Miss Raven thinks she's from every continent in Africa except one, or that she'd never hire someone named Watermelondrea.  That's just Christmas on Black Twitter, and I get that.

However, I think POC - not just black POC - need to make a New Year's Resolution for 2016 in which every time a brown person steps out of line (e.g., publicly blaming POC victims and pandering to white egos), we need to fuck up their careers simply on principle.  We need to boycott their projects and get them fired from television.  We need to blacklist their work in every way we can.  A commenter on Facebook accurately stated that Raven-Symone suffers from "Stacey Dashitis" and not only do I agree with that diagnosis, I think we need to ensure that it doesn't spread.  'Cause when Ann friggin' Coulter is breaking her foot off in yo' ass, I believe we can safely assume your Dashitis has just gone critical.

POC are always telling white folks that they need to STFU and get their own damn house in order.  Not only do I stand by that assessment, but I maintain that POC need to consistently do the same for our own, and without hesitation.  In a world where we often feel we have little control, that is something we actually can and should control.  We need separate those who are kinfolk from those who are merely skinfolk.  We need to make an example out of any and every POC who throw their own under the bus for a paycheck and/or a pat on the head.

Let me be clear: it is never "easy" thing to choose to silence a fellow black woman.  In a country where so many POC fight to be heard (again, on much more serious issues), firing/quieting POC is not something we really wanna be doing.  But I, for one, am fed the fuck up with "The Struggle" and all the health problems and financial obstacles it comes with.  I would like us to move forward, together, with all our strength and determination.  When I look at Raven, I don't blame all our setbacks on her (obviously).  I don't even think she's doing any catastrophic damage all by herself.  But make no mistake, Rented Negroes can and do cause damage, and we need to control that damage.  Not by demanding apologies and such, but making sure they understand just how not worth it those pats and paychecks are.

Now, before folks have a coronary, this is just my personal opinion, I am no one of import, and I will understand fully well if folks (calmly) disagree.

Moving on to the heroin situation.....
When Courtney Griffin was using heroin, she lied, disappeared, and stole from her parents to support her $400-a-day habit. Her family paid her debts, never filed a police report and kept her addiction secret — until she was found dead last year of an overdose.

...“Both the image and reality is that this is a white and often middle-class problem,” said Mr. Mauer of the Sentencing Project. “And appropriately so, we’re having a much broader conversation about prevention and treatment, and trying to be constructive in responding to this problem. This is good. I don’t think we should lock up white kids to show we’re being equal.”
Aaaaaand I'm done.

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This Week in #POCWebTV: #MisSpelled

I don't know about the rest of you, but the waiting game with this show is unbearable.

MisSpelled continues to astound, amaze, and exceed all expectations.  While some of the guest actors could stand to be a bit more convincing, the slowly unfolding storyline, the steadily darkening tone, and the gritty indie texture remind me of the early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...sans the vanilla saturation.

Lindsey McDowell & Co. have managed to create something truly magical and magnificent...out of nothing.  Like, I don't know when we'll get new episodes or how much the new investor is willing to spend, but even if we don't get the special effects I hope these gals keep going.

To make sure they keep going, interested parties can help by donating here.


Open Mic Night: Ayo...where Ben Fields's black girlfriend at???

'Cause y'all know...Y'ALL KNOW I've got something special for her.

Jokes aside, I'm not gonna spend too much time on this one because I genuinely do not believe this woman even exists.  The imaginary black girlfriend is just a new take on the imaginary Black Friends Defense.  Anyone else suddenly remembering when Paul Ryan - during his failed attempt at the Vice-Presidency - evoked the black woman he dated eons ago for five minutes and thirty-seconds?  Why did he even bring her up again?

Now...*mouth pop*...about this bitch who had a lot to stay about how that poor Spring Valley student was at fault...what's good, Raven????


This Week in #POCWebTV: #MisSpelled


At the Bar with Lindsey McDowell
At the Bar with Chelsea Erin Jones

I don't know who this mysterious investor is that creator/writer/actress Lindsay McDowell is referring to, or what all their contract entails, but I hope it means many seasons of MisSpelled.  I LOVE this friggin' series, and it has a been a long, long, looooooong painful wait for new episodes.

I mean, talk about the abundance of melanin on this show....


#POCTV: Some Reflections

Since we're living the Second Era of Brown People on TV, I really did want to blog about the shows I watched more regularly than I have been, but the day job has been a bitch.

Anywho, while I was excited about the growth of POC representation TV, there have been some that I just can't get behind and scribble about regularly.  So if you want to chat about them, you can just use this thread.

Minority Report

Two episodes were enough.  I haven't been back since.  All I have to do is think about about watching it again and I literally yawn out loud.

Fresh off the Boat

LOVE the cast, but I think instead of forcing Eddie Huang's memoir into a light-hearted sitcom format, they should've packaged it as an hour-long family drama.  I mean, yeah...it's funny sometimes and I do really enjoy the cast, but I just can't bring myself to scribble about it regularly.


I'm on the fence about this one.  This season is not as entertaining as last season, though the music has gotten even better, I've become a fan of Bryshere Gray (Hakeem), and I'm am STOKED that Jamila Velasquez (Sarita on Twisted) showed up on the show, but that she has some pipes.


This Week in #POCtv: Rosewood

Let me begin by saying I happen to like Morris Chestnut a lot.  Some of my favorite work of his was on V (back when it was on for five minutes, that is).  So it's safe to say I'm pretty glad to see him returned to TV.

However, I kinda wish it hadn't been a show like Rosewood.

Chestnut plays Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, a private pathologist living the hi-life in Miami, complete with the nice suits, the flashy car, the chic digs, and the fly successful paramour (portrayed by Nicole Ari Parker, no less).  So right there we have a successful, educated black man, which wins the show mad props...even if his health is on borrowed time.

Moving on to his latest gig; Rosewood is friend to the police captain who unofficially teams him up with Det. Annalise Villa, a tough Latina who's still recovering from the loss of her husband by resisting therapy and punching out dudes at the club (apparently).

So right there, we a brown woman lead who's strong, fabulous, and take care of herself.  Again, mad points.

Of course...we still have the cliche of a man and woman pairing up to solve crimes, with one more eager to work as a team than other (think Castle, Minority Report, X-Files, etc.), and supposedly wrestling with their simmering, just-below-the-surface "chemistry".



This Week in #POCtv: Black-ish and Fresh off the Boat

Blacki-ish is really off to a good start this season.  This first two eps have been a flawless victory, with the premiere tackling the infamous n-word and this week's ep tackling gun ownership.

Unlike Minority Report, Black-ish's season premiere "The Word" was a flawless victory.  I laughed so hard, out loud, the whole way through. I'm really glad that ABC - for the time being - appears to be sitting back and just letting Kenya Barris do what he do, hear?  Having Andre Johnson, Jr. tackle the n-word - the only way Andre - can is a stroke of sheer genius.

The smartest move, however, was to not make Andre go entirely overboard the way he usually does, at least not this time.  When his younger son Jack is expelled from school for using the word, Andre has to start re-evaluating it, starting with his family, friends and coworkers, and then the school board.

It's a really funny episode.