Lawd, They Done Killed Poussey (#OITNB)

Y'all...I don't know how I got mixed up with this show.  I recall I initially disliked Orange is the New Black, but somehow I got sucked in and got attached to a lot of actresses.  One of them being, of course, the phenomenal Samira Wiley as Poussey.

Lawd...it's the end of the Season 4, and they done killed Poussey.
Poussey’s death nods toward several high-profile killings of black Americans by those in law enforcement, as well as the aftermath of those deaths. Poussey is restrained and suffocated, like Eric Garner in New York City. Her body is left on the floor for hours and hours, like Michael Brown in Ferguson.

And when the prison’s statement to the press on Poussey’s death chooses to focus on Bayley’s innocence, rather than what he did, all of the women in the prison storm out of their dorms in outrage, with Poussey’s best friend, Taystee (Danielle Brooks), screaming in anguish that they didn’t even "say her name" — the same rallying cry that emerged after Sandra Bland died while in Texas police custody.

Even outside these very obvious markers, Orange Is the New Black makes a point of showing exactly how screwed up the system is, and how little say those in custody, especially people of color, have when it comes to wrongful deaths.
Bar Patrons, I'mma need a few drinks to even begin to recover from this.


The Bar Pours a Sip for the Victims at #Pulse


The Bar Pops Pink Champagne for Deshauna Barber

2016 taketh away...but she also giveth at times.


I caved. I'm watching Game of Thrones.

Chose this pic of Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) for obvious reasons.
I guess I finally wanted to know what the hell people were talking about.  Also...it's nice to have waited this long because now I can binge-watch (courtesy of HBO Now).  I can't imagine watching this show week to week.  *shudder*

I've just started Season 5 this evening and I must say...I still don't get the hype.  Maybe in the first couple of seasons, sure...but once they started offing Starks and direwolves left and right, I rolled my eyes.  I mean, hello.  The Wolves were why folks are watching the friggin' show!!!  You can think we actually give dambs about the Lannisters (aside for Tyrion)?  We do not give dambs!

Missandei and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) are refreshing at times, but come on...why can't white folks write their fantasies with swords and sorcery and either leave brown-skinned folks out of it, or put us in awesome highborn positions?  Because servants, slaves, ex-slaves, soldiers, pirates, and that asshole from Qarth are just not doing it for me.

What do y'all think?


Of Scandals, Flashes, and the Diaries of Vampires

We'll start with Scandal, Season 5.

It seems to me that the blacker berry, the tighter the noose.  Hear me out: Scandal now openly advocates for Black lives and addresses racism and misogyny head-on.  In short, Shonda Rhimes has gotten increasingly "Blacker" and less apologetic with this show, so naturally its paler critics are more frequently throwing it under the bus.

I'll be honest, Scandal hasn't been all that great in years.  We got over the loss of Stephen because we only had him for seven episodes.  We never got over the loss of Harrison.

We got tired of Olivia/Fitz and Oliva/Jake, but like with B613, the writers just kept giving us more.

But the second half of Season 5 of Scandal showed us a new Olivia Pope, one who broke up with Fitz, aborted his baby, and then - quite literally - bashed in the brains of her kidnapper with a chair.  And when the race for the White House really began to heat up, we saw her snap and tell Jake she hadn't spent years working twice as hard only to get half and live a mediocre life.  We saw her in her cold-blooded, ruthless glory, and I for one thought, Finally...she's become interesting again.

I'm now genuinely interested to see what ShondaLand does in Season 6, and I haven't felt that way since the end of Season 2.

Middle Child Press is Now on #Shopify

Yes, we've moved our store again, and this time we're teaming up with Shopify.  It's seamless, modern, and we're very, very proud of it.


Ktown Cowboys (2016), a Review

Okay, so even though critics have had a lot of positive things to say about the Ktown Cowboys movie, they've mostly panned it.

I'm going to be a lot more lenient, for obvious reasons. I'm a huge fan of the original webseries, I had the honor of interviewing actor Peter Jae as well as actor/musician Bobby Choy a.k.a. Big Phony (twice, if you recall), and when they launched their fundraiser on Kickstarter, I donated. Donating kept me on their mailing list, so like thousands of dedicated fans, I got to read updates on this project for six grueling years. That's a labor of love, Bar Patrons, and I have much respect for that level of commitment.

Also, BIG shout-out to Ken Jeong for producing this bad boy; 'cause this is how you do things. When you make it, you gotta turn around and lend the fam a helping hand.


The Bar Pours a Sip for the Immortal King of Shade

Damn, Prince!!!!

I can almost accept David Bowie and Alan Rickman going; they were both 69 and plagued with cancer. I don't accept Chyna's death; dying at 45 is some bullshit I'm not even tryna hear right now. Scalia could've dropped at 34 and I wouldn't have batted an eye.

But Prince???? At fifty-seven????

Bar Patrons...raise y'all's glasses, sip that Purple Rain, and share your fondest Prince moments and music videos.

I'll start.