Revisiting "No le pegue a la negra" (#BlackWomenMatter)

"Un matrimonio africano
Esclavos de un español
El les daba muy mal trato,
Y a su negra le pegó y fue alli
Se rebeló el negro guapo
Tomó venganza por su amor
Y aún se escucha en la verja:
'¡No le pegue a mi negra!'"

An African couple
Slaves of a Spaniard
He treated them very badly,
And hit his Black woman
It was then, that the heroic black man rebelled
He avenged his love
And you can still hear him yelling at the gates:
'Don't hit my black woman!'

Dang, brothas...what happened???

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Open Mic Night: #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches?

So many things to write about; so much happening this week that it's nigh impossible to pick one thing.


The Distractions of Laws and Flags

...What’s even more puzzling for me is the logic that decides that marriage is a good ‘first step’ when considering the struggles queer people face today. It seems to me that the first step in making change should be about addressing issues that need urgent, immediate fixes: say, for example, people literally being killed. That’s at the least the logic that I think most people would apply to other kinds of ‘change’ they would want to see. If for instance, there are bunch of renovations you want to make in your house, my guess is most people would decide to first fix their leaky plumbing rather than change their wallpaper. The former might be harder and more expensive and not actually that noticeable once it’s done, but it’s something that needs to happen because it threatens the entire house. You need that for the whole thing to work. To potentially over-extend this metaphor, changing the wallpaper first might be great as a noticeable, tangible change, but it becomes less than productive if your shiny new wallpaper makes you forget that your house had a bunch of other problems too.

The lasting effect of Dylann Roof’s terrorist attack on nine African American women and men at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church now looks likely to be the removal of the Confederate flag from public display. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has called on the state legislature to strike the flag from the state’s capitol grounds. Elected leaders elsewhere, as well as major corporations, have all begun to “divest” themselves of symbols of the Confederacy, a century and a half after the Civil War ended.

Their actions are merely diversions. They are addressing the least important cause of Roof’s racist murder spree. Focusing on flags and monuments draws our attention from the hard work that is required to reduce the burden of racism in American society. And the public’s attention span is so very short that I wonder how many people will care after the flag frenzy passes and the nine funerals are over.

I wanna make a bet.

I wanna bet that in forty years, ALL of the idiots who currently say that "racism doesn't exist" and that POCs are "pulling the race card" will inevitably turn to their grandchildren, give a condescending pat on their backs and will say,

"You kids have it easy! Back in MY GENERATION, we elected a Black president, we fought against police brutality, and we restored equality in America! Oh yes, I was RIGHT THERE in the thick of it all, standing with the Blacks and Asians fighting "the man!" Yup, aren't you proud of your grandpa for standing up against racism?!"


I do, however, want to give a shout-out to the Alabama Governor who just executive-ordered four Confederate flags down. The massacre didn't even happen in his capital city. Meanwhile, Miz Nikki Haley's still talking that "debate" bullshit with her constituents, waitin' on them to reach a three-fifths - sorry - two-thirds consensus.



Invocation II (#CharlestonMassacre)

I am not a Christian,
and I find sentimental prayers to a God
of love and mercy
I'd find his older incarnation
much more believable just now.
The God of righteous plagues and thorny paths,
of brimstone and furious anger,
sending vengeful, winged sword-bearers
to rain fire down.

See, that?  That I'm more inclined to believe.

I pray of thee:
Step forth and invoke him,
so the guilty and their
silent consciences
may turn to white pillars of salt,
frozen and forced, bearing eternal witness to
a legacy of ashen ruin.


Open Mic Night: We need to watch it with Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal, Appearance, Appropriation, and the Gender Transitioning Fallacy

Because if she does submit to genetic testing and the results come back even remotely saying anything in her favor...she will return to the media with a vengeance.  I foresee a memoir, a book tour, a fat check from Lifetime....



#Iowa, y'all need to make some noise for Ryan Keith Bolinger

A few minutes before Des Moines police killed Ryan Keith Bolinger Tuesday night, the 28-year-old white man was dancing in the street, according to an officer. Police didn't find the display funny. In a news conference Wednesday, Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax said Bolinger had earlier pulled up beside the squad car of an officer who was conducting an unrelated traffic stop, parking his 2000 Lincoln sedan so close that he blocked the police cruiser's driver's side door. Bolinger then left his vehicle and danced around before getting back in and driving away.

Officer Vanessa Miller, a seven-year veteran of the force, gave pursuit, following Bolinger in a low-speed chase that hovered around the 35 miles-per-hour limit, officials said. The Des Moines Register reports that Officer Ian Lawler, who had earlier been boxed in by Bolinger, radioed that he was joining Miller in the pursuit. He also suggested that they may be dealing with a drunk or mentally ill suspect.

About two minutes into the chase, Miller cut Bolinger off as he attempted to make a U-turn, forcing his car to a stop. Bolinger exited his vehicle and approached Miller's squad car "walking with a purpose," Halifax said. As he advanced, Miller, who is white, fired a single bullet through her rolled up driver's side window, shattering the glass and striking Bolinger in the torso. He later died from the gunshot wound at a local hospital.

...So how do white people in Iowa respond when police kill a white person under questionable circumstances in a heavily white neighborhood? If Des Moines is any example, they don't: A single protester showed up outside the police press conference on Wednesday, according to the Register. There was no wall-to-wall media coverage of large-scale demonstrations, because there were no demonstrations to cover.

~ Police Killed An Unarmed White Man In Iowa And His Community Didn't Seem To Notice
Oh, hell no.


#SayHerName: What were we JUST talking about?


White Civilian Culpability in Black Assaults and Deaths

We'll start with Charlena Cooks.
It all started when police responded to a call from an unidentified White woman. The ACLU SoCal is responsible for obtaining the now public video. And from the beginning it was apparent that things were not going to end well — especially when the 1st person to tell their side of the story is a White woman with tears in her eyes.

...Moving on to the pool party where the cops were called because "too many black people" showed up.

See that cop going all WWE on that 14-year-old child? He's been put on paid vacay for his troubles.


The Bar Pops Pink Champagne for Netherrealm Studios #MKX

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No, you're not seeing things.

Meet the black female video game character who's been dominating the gaming sites' headlines for weeks.  Her repeated delays and guarded release date wound up making her one of the most anticipated characters of April's best-selling game. Tanya, Mortal Kombat's infamous Edenian Betrayer, is not only back, but viciously and deliciously badder than ever.


Ladies and gentlemen of the Bar, I need you to (briefly) put down your drinks and give a standing ovation to Netherrealm Studios, the people who brought a day I never thought I'd live to see.

First, they brought back this neglected and underappreciated fan favorite. Initially, she was whitewashed, but after fan uproar the creators actually listened, and then not only took their time to darken her properly, give her an awesome appearance, flesh out her characterization, and develop a jaw-dropping moves set, but they also unveiled her in one hell of a trailer.

You all remember how upset I was back in 2011 with Mortal Kombat; I was ready to give up on this franchise once and for all.  When I first started playing Tanya in the arcades as a kid, I never thought she'd ever get her day in the spotlight.  I never believed she would ever get what she was rightly due.  She was an outcast black girl - just like me - and such was merely our lot in life. 

But now...over a decade later, I have this fabulous, dark-skinned goddess - in an Egyptian-inspired outfit, no less - kicking everybody's ass and not even bothering to take their names.  It's like Christmas, New Year's, and my birthday week all rolled into one.

You know how some people don't like to say "I told you so"?  Not Tanya fans.  I have never seen so many naysayers, trolls, and smack-talkers eat their own words.  Talk about doing a complete one-eighty.  So many of them were whining about the fact she was a character this year; others complained about her being darkened, yet more still were lukewarm and cynical about what her abilities would, yet now there are all these gaming vloggers who've been rendered speechless - literally speechless - by her grand return to the game.

And Tanya fans were right there on seemingly every video to basically say, "I told you so."  Talk about the whipped chocolate icing on the cheesecake, y'all.

While some folks don't like that the actress voicing her is white, I could care less; it's Jennifer Hale who was in Planescape: Torment, the greatest computer game of all time.  Hale is gaming royalty, as far as I'm concerned, and Tanya is most assuredly deserving of royalty.

Netherrealm Studios has shown that they can grown, that they can listen, and that they can finally do what's right by their biggest and oldest fans.  Shout out to Ed Boon and mad props to all of his associates; loving all the Blasian romance in the new game.

Final verdict?  Fully redeemed according to Moi.  *pops pink champagne*


If you want something done right.... #SayHerName

Image courtesy of BlackOUT Collective
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The BlackOUT Collective Facebook page

Lately, a lot of us have been upset about the *crickets* we hear whenever a black woman is assaulted/murdered, whether by cops or civilians.  We're not even named when we're the first victim in a string of victims.  I've been reading Transgriot's blog for five years now and she can barely keep up with all the transwomen of color who are attacked in this country (and around the world), receiving little attention and even less justice.  And Transgriot blogs daily, ladies and gentlemen.  You practically hear the exhaustion and frustration in her written voice as she tries give voice to those who've been silenced.

You know, on the one hand, it is exhausting to be a black woman because despite all the *hearts*, the hastags, and the hollow claims of solidarity, when it comes down to it, we're really on our own.  But on the other hand, I never lose faith that we as a group will rise to the occasion.
Protesters in cities across the country staged various actions over the course of two days this week in order to bring attention to state violence inflicted upon black women, stories often ignored by the media and even by other #BlackLivesMatter protests.

The first day of action was on May 20 in New York City. On that day, hundreds of protesters gathered in Union Square at around 5:30 p.m. bearing signs with the names of women killed by police for a vigil. The family members of Tanisha Anderson, Rekia Boyd, Miriam Carey, Michelle Cusseux, Shelly Frey, Kayla Moore and Alberta Spruill — all black women killed by police — also attended the vigil and shared stories of how their loved ones were killed by state violence.


Open Mic Night: #POC adopting white children

...It made me think do white people view blacks as incapable of adopting a white child? We always hear about white people adopting people of all races but when it's a POC adopting a white child its a novelty. It's been at the back of my mind ever since. My boyfriend and I want to adopt and to be honest I never cared about the race of the child before but now I think would I get weird looks for adopting a black child or a white child. Would people look at us and say oh she/he must of had kids with someone else. Then it would be a jerk move to say OH NO THEY ARE ADOPTED! Because the child would feel inadequate oh I'm just adopted! I spoke about my concerns with [my boyfriend] he told me "Bump what people think or say there will always be people finding faults in others anyways. I love you and want to have a family with you under God to love, protect and cherish".

Well honestly what is your thoughts on POC adopting white children. I'd love to see you or others write an article about it.

- a reader
This is pretty much an open thread on this topic, but before we dive in, I've got words.