Wes Gibbins and the Colorstruck Brotha

Wes, who has some serious neighbor attachment issues, decides it’d be a brilliant idea to fake an attorney ID to pose as Rebecca’s lawyer after hearing Griffin throw her under the bus. As a law student who should know the consequences of such an act, Wes continue[s] to baffle me. Why is he risking everything for his emo neighbor, who kicks him out saying the kid is stalking her and posing as a lawyer. She does not seem to share the same neighborly obsession (yet). (Source)

Back at Wes’s apartment, Waitlist pulls out those puppy-dog eyes and gets Rebecca to tell him the code for Lila’s phone. Which she does. Which almost makes less sense than Wes’s creepy obsession with a girl he hardly knows.

...Wes was willing to insider trade for Rebecca. Dude, you knew her for like two days. She’s your neighbor. Why are you this fixated?
For those of you who haven't been watching How to Get Away with Murder, I've give you a quick rundown:

You already know Alfred Enoch portrays Wes Gibbins, the underdog law student who's accepted off the wait list (hence the nickname), and then winds up not only working for the formidably Annalise Keating, but also becomes entangled in a murder plot.

As the writer above so aptly states, Wes also has this over-the-top attachment to his unfriendly neighbor Rebecca Sutter (portrayed by Kate Findlay).  The series does this whole flashing between present-day and later on thing showing us that in addition to being a hardcore drug dealer/user, she's also quite possibly a murderer (she's currently involved with at least two).  Yet Wes feels the world is being unfair to her and that she's the one who needs help.


At the Bar with Lindsey McDowell

~ * ~ Uber-Special Edition ~ * ~

Actress, singer, and writer Lindsey McDowell is the mastermind behind the cult web hit MisSpelled, whose flawless casting, quirky premise, and laugh-out-loud hilarious script garnered an army of fans overnight.

It was the utmost honor to complete this interview with her October 16, 2014.

Lindsey McDowell, it’s amazing to have you At the Bar. What are you sippin’ on?

Midori Sour!

In addition to being a writer, you’re a singer and an actress. How did your family respond to your desire to study and pursue that?

They had a very different reaction when I was fresh out of my freshman year at Howard VS. being 3-14. It was a lot of 'cute' and keep practicing at those ages. I don't think even I got super serious about acting until I was 18. When I was 18 they were supportive and I was in shock. My parents are so conventional when it comes to academics and 'the sure route' in life. My sister left the nest for LA too. She loves films and making films and I think they were comforted that I'd be living on her couch while I was in acting school.

Tell me about your writing. How did you get into that and what motivates your work?

I started at a young age. I must have heard my mom talking about Maya Angelou and how she expressed herself through poetry. Even today at my house (back home in NY) I could find probably 75 sheets of paper with really sad poems and haikus from a super sad and overweight 10-year-old. Actually...you can probably find that today looking through my computer from the same. Just 23, haha! It's important to grow and express yourself. Even if no one sees it.


The Bar Loves Aja Naomi King (@ajanaomi_king)

Let me start by describing Aja Naomi King in one word: bewitching.

This svelte actress is dark goddess chic, armed with an MFA from Yale and a perpetually flawless outfit.  She's got an ever growing list of TV credits and words cannot express my awe when I first saw her on How to Get Away with Murder.


#IDGAF...I love "Black-ish"

Y'all, listen...Golden Ages come and go, the 1990s are over, coulda/woulda/shoulda/zero fucks given.  True, the Huxtables and Bankses are no more, but Black-ish is funny as hell, I laugh every single episode, and it's another great show - out of barely a handful - to look forward to each week.

Black, functional, upper-middle class family?  Check.  On-point casting?  Check, check.  Hell...I've been paying attention to Anthony Anderson since friggin' Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 the Grave (personally, I preferred him bigger).  Tracee Ellis Ross led the cast of Girlfriends for almost a decade.  Laurence Fishburne was Morpheus.  And the kids playing the twins ("Jack and Diane") are the very epitome of breakout stars (Diane's my favorite character).  What's not to love?

Is Black-ish flawed?  Of course.  We're in Season One and the third episode only just aired last night.  Give it time and feedback, people.  I "get" Black-ish, I find some of the jokes to be incredibly witty, and I hope that with constructive criticism and consistent support, the show will move forward and last several years.

Is anybody else watching?


The Bar Loves Alfred Enoch

Like you didn't see this coming.

Alfred Enoch is a British actor of Afro-Brazilian descent. Before he landed the role of Wesley Gibbins on the hit show How to Get Away with Murder, he was best known for portraying Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films, and the Bloody Guardsman on Sherlock.

He also has quite the following on Tumblr, needless to say.

Although he uses a very convincing American accent on HTGAWM, I'm really digging his role of Wes Gibbins, the underdog who starts law school two days after being taken off the wait list.  In addition to that humiliation, he has the misfortune to walk in on his professor (Viola Davis as Annalise Keating) getting some special attention from her lover.

Did I mention he's part of an overarching plotline in which he and his fellow students kill her husband?  It's like dude just can't catch a break this semester.


The Brown Girls of Gotham

Image manipulation courtesy of Jules Nguyen
Fall TV is here, ladies and gentlemen of the Bar, and after a long, bloody summer I think we need to take a break to figure out which networks are going to disappoint us this year.

Gotham debuted on FOX last week, and to be honest...I could give a shit about the premise.  While I don't mind the actor playing Detective Gordon (good casting job there...someone went and found themselves a younger Jeremy Renner), I personally don't care enough about this 'verse.  However, the brown girls seem to be in an abundance on this one, so naturally...my eyebrow is raised.


Open Mic Night: Law Enforcement Reform

Open thread, y'all.

I've been trying formulate words about what's going on with America's police, and the post just isn't coming.  I start a draft and someone else gets gunned down (Dillon Taylor, Darrien Hunt...because apparently Utah is trigger-happy as hell).  I re-draft and someone gets tasered into a coma (his name is Bryce Masters).  Meanwhile, Chris Lollie can't even go to pick up his kids from daycare without getting arrested

Bar Patrons: what...the fuck?

See Also

Ferguson.  Kinda.


The Bar Loves Gigi

 ~ *~ Special Edition ~*~

In light of the recent Ethiopian New Year (September 11th), I figured I should give a shout-out to one of my favorite artists of all time.

I've been listening to Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw for well over a decade now.  She's known for fusing traditional Ethiopian singing styles with jazz.  The result is music from another dimension.  Her voice is powerful, solid, throaty and mutable.  A single wail will bring tears to your eyes.  A repetitive lyric will have you dancing in your seat.

Her 2001 album Gigi made her internationally famous, but a Gigi collection is not complete without at least Gold & Wax (2006) and her live album, Mesgana Ethiopia (2010).

It seems that like Sade, Gigi takes her time coming out with albums.  The music she has out now is more than enough to tide you over.


The Bar Loves Fatoumata Diawara

While drafting a new original series on Dark & Twisty, I scoured the web for dreamcasting inspiration and came across the beautiful, the mesmerizing, the impeccable Fatoumata Diawara of Mali.

Currently based out of France, Fatoumata's musical stylings and fashion sense are on a whole other level.  In addition to three albums she has eight films under belt, along with years of live performances as both a musician and a thespian.

Her voice? Sublime.


The Woman from Cheshire Avenue is Going on Sale 9/10/14

***Due to my screw-up, an update***

On September 5, 2011, Middle Child Press published The Woman from Cheshire Avenue, my first novella.  To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, we are marking down it from its usual $7.99 price to $2.99 for a month.  Also, it's getting a new cover:

So if you're planning on purchasing this book, I suggest you wait just a few more days.