The Bar Pours a Sip for Janese Talton-Jackson


This story is just pissing me off to no end.  Not only is a young, beautiful woman gone, but Janese Talton-Jackson will never get to go home to her tiny humans...because of some complete and utter bullshit.

How can we even say "Rest in Peace"?  Who can lay dying on the cold pavement, mind whirling with frantic thoughts of their babies, and then go in peace?

I guess that's why we say Rest in Power instead.  Because Janese didn't back down, she didn't cave in, she didn't try to compromise, she didn't bother with fake phone numbers - she just stuck to a plain and simple "No".

So raise your glasses for this woman, Patrons of the Bar, and let us pour a sip to honor her passing.


Birthday Present to Me: Your Best #ThisRoomIsSoWhite Joke

So blogger Awesomely Luvvie believes that Chris Rock should not only go ahead with hosting the Oscars this year, but he "should make so many 'this room is so white' jokes that everyone in the room is uncomfortable, shifting in their seats and chuckling nervously all night." She even started him off with a few:
This Oscars is so white, I need an Instagram filter to look at this audience without squinting. We need to hit this place with a Hefe filter or something.”

Dang. This room is so white, the wifi password is “PRIVILEGE.” All caps.

If this room got any whiter, no one would need to use flash photography tonight.

This room is so white that I want to ski through the aisles. So much snow.

This room is so white that it is has one Black friend. That’s me.”

This room is so white that *insert known addict here* would like to snort it.

This room is so white they told me not to touch anything.

This room is so white, that Donald Trump doesn’t want to deport it.

This room is so white, the cops you see are actually here to serve and protect.
So as a birthday present to Moi, I'd like for my dear Bar Patrons to raise their glasses and properly ring in 2016 with their best "This Room is So White" joke.

*blinks eagerly* You may begin.


Introducing Black Girl Magic Lit Mag and the Return of the MCP eBookstore

Black Girl Magic Literary Magazine has just dropped its inaugural issue, and is available for just $3.99.

From their site:
Black Girl Magic Lit Mag is a literary magazine created to address the lack of diverse, non-majority voices and characters in speculative fiction, especially Black women’s voices. Black Girl Magic Lit Mag believes that by showcasing stories featuring Black female voices and characters we can create a reflection of ourselves in the literature that we love, in a world where our images are constantly controlled, shaped, and distorted by those outside of our experiences .

We recognize all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) QUILTBAG, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities. Our mission is to increase visibility for diverse authors, specifically women of color, and empower a wide variety of readers in the process.
...Sound familiar?

It should.  Middle Child Press was founded on similar principles, and we are proud to announce the relaunch of our eBookstore (which is still in progress).

We're still in the process of moving our inventory to the new platform, but the new store is up and running and when readers hover over the "eBookstore" link on our main site, they can skip straight to the genre of their choice.



It Was White "Awareness" Which Endangered These People in the First Place

I'm a little late to the table on this one because I've been busy, but as my birthday approaches and my patience thins as I age, I really wanted to weigh in.

I'm not going to rehash the whole story of the Hungarian journalist - pictured above in all the pictures - who claimed she was raising "awareness" about secluded tribes by taking pictures of seven African women and then photoshopping her face in place of theirs.  By now, we've all read the story and its various satirical incarnations.

The first photoshopped pic, if you notice, is of a Himba woman (it's always the Himba).  For those of you who've been at the Bar since 2010, you'll recall that I wrote about the Himba a few times, and thus they are the perfect example of the issue we all need to discuss that I've noticed no one has so much as mentioned thus far.

The reason the Himba only number at 50,000 is that White people (specifically the Germans, in this case) actively engaged to wipe them out.  It was White "awareness" of their land and their resources which signed their death warrant. Not once in all the back and forth about this latest racist debacle did I see where people - especially White people - were bringing this up.  Instead, it was the whole, "It's a such a shame everyone's ganging up on this poor White woman instead being aware that these cultures are disappearing," with the unspoken add-on, "you know, 'cause Africans are just so messed up."


Open Mic Night: Announcements for 2016

Some major things going into effect...

For starters, Middle Child Press is kissing Amazon.com goodbye and re-embracing our old platform on E-Junkie.  The reason is simple; we miss the higher revenue, the freedom, and the flexibility, and we are serious about turning MCP into a profitable business which can expand and create job opportunities.  Readers will notice that price jump on Amazon; that's deliberate.  Just bare with us as we reopen our store on E-Junkie.

Also...2016 will say goodbye to the Blasian Narrative.  We have our reasons, of course, but the main one is that I want to focus on women-centered writing on the Black Girls Club and in fiction, as well as get the indie artists Back to the Bar, telling us about their trials and tribulations and triumphs in the Big Bad Biz (I really want to talk to Ashley Black, y'all).

I also want to get back to commenting on the sorry state affairs we are in, 'cause...damn.

Y'all can go ahead and have at it.


The Bar Loves "Karma, the Web Series" (@ashley_black_)

Ashley Black as "Karma Jones"

So because I'm a member of the Black Filmmakers Facebook Community, I was able to see Karlton Clay's announcement that Season 3 of Karma, a web series, had just finished.


Karma? A webseries?  That I didn't know about?  Until the end of Season 3?  Say what???  Y'all know I had to remedy that right away.

I was please to find out I wasn't too far behind and I didn't come in at the series finale.  Karma debuted on YouTube a little over a year ago and will return next summer, per writer & creator Karlton Clay.  I'mma hold him to that, y'all.

The show centers on the romantic misdaventures of Karma Jones, and got me and some of my relatives fairly hooked, like, right away. For example, by Episode 2, every time Karma picked up her phone to text the Jordan Bradshaw, a dude who wasn't calling her back, I'd cringe and yell at the TV screen for her to put the damn thing down and forget about him. Oh, yes...it's that intense.

Which reminds me: I want to give a big shout-out to the thick, fearless, flawless actress Ashley Black and her hilarious portrayal of Karma. The way she was breaks the fourth wall with just a look gets me every time.

The episode lengths vary, but thanks to our being behind the times, Karma is perfect for binge-watching and entertaining as hell.  If y'all watch it, let me know what you think!


Open Mic Night: Daniel Holtzclaw

It's widely believed that the reason the jury took so long to hand Holtzclaw his 263 years was that they wanted to announce their verdict on his birthday (December 10th).

What are your thoughts, Bar Patrons?  Y'all are sippin' that tea for free tonight!


Dreamcasting #GodsofEgypt

I'm only dreamcasting the gods listed on IMDB; I didn't bother with the mortals because I skimmed the synopsis of the story, and like the rest of this piece of shit, it's bullshit.

Moving on, then....

Joseph Marcell as Ra.  No one threw shade like Geoffrey.  If anyone is to be the all-seeing, all-knowing Ra, it might as well be Joseph Marcell.


Open Mic Night: Have at It

There is so much craziness going on right now that I gave on deciding on ONE thing to blog about.

Have at it, Bar Patrons.


#Mizzou and The Liberal Limit

Mizzou football scored their greatest victory ever on Monday, effectively sacking the school’s president.

Tim Wolfe resigned as head of the University of Missouri
(and took the Chancellor with him) following criticism of how he responded—or didn’t—to racist attacks on students over the past few months.

“The frustration and anger that I see is clear, real, and I don’t doubt it for a second,” Wolfe said. “Please, please, use this resignation to heal, not to hate, and let’s move on together for a brighter tomorrow.”

Mizzou’s black players had announced a strike the day before—joining scores of student activists led by a hunger striker who refused to eat until Wolfe left. In a parting shot to the protesters he defied as recently as Sunday, Wolfe said he shouldn't have been ousted like this.

“This is not, I repeat, not, how change should come about,” Wolfe said, adding that change comes from listening to others.
“I take full responsibility for the inaction, and I take full responsibility for the frustration that has occurred.”
Boo, lemme stop you right there.