Middle Child Press: The Sultry Court

As some of you may know, I co-founded an eBook publishing company called Middle Child Press.

My partner Amaya Radjani and I did this because we noticed - courtesy of the debates and discussions throughout the fandomsphere (if ain't already a word, you best believe it's one now) - that literary entertainment needs of WoC are soooooooo not being met.  We already detest what's offered to us by way of Hollywood (and that's just the bullshit black women have to deal with) because the whole damn institution has had it out for us from day one.    We've since learned not to get our hopes up.  But when literature - written by our own sometimes, mind you - is falling short, you know we've really hit rock bottom.

Our first creation, The Sultry Court Anthology: Volume I, is expected to be available this winter.  It'll be the first in our erotic collection.  Don't forget to grab a taste from the Writer's Café!


Cheltzie Lee, Blasian Ice Princess

Thanks, Hateya!

This is my fault y'all.  A reader emailed me about this girl MONTHS ago and I kept delaying.  But now I need to get on and stay on the ball from hereon out.

Born in 1993, Cheltzie Lee's father is Chinese (he was born in Bangladesh, though).  And Cheltzie's got a black mama from Louisiana, y'all!  Somehow, those two met up and married in Australia, the result being Miss Thang here...who was the 2007-2008 Junior National Champion and is the 2010 Australian National Champion (by the way, she competed in gymnastics until 2004).

Go figure.  Skater while you're at it.

I don't think I need to tell you how skilled and graceful this young lady is.  Nor how simply bad-ass she is.  I'll admit, I'm a fan of figure-skating, but I stopped watching because I wasn't seeing nearly enough brown girls.  Chica here, however, has fully restored my interest.

Underappreciated Musician of Color #17: "T"

The Blasians are coming, the Blasians are coming, the Blasians are coming!!!

How about we start with this one right here?

"T", or Natasha "Tasha" Yoon Mi Rae Reid, is a Texas-born rapper and R & B singer.  Her father's black and her mother Korean.  She's fluent in both English and Korean.  Born in 1981, she's been workin' since she was 16...and her music is the shit.

When I say she's underappreciated, I mean here in America, of course.  Because in Korea, she's a multi-award winning artist, crowned the Queen of Soul and appointed an ambassador for DaMoonWha, the Korean Multicultural Youth Organization.

So it's pretty redundant at this point to add she's one of Korea's most influential rappers and female vocalists.  And it's no bullshit; when you hear this woman spit live, you start to "pull a Rain", i.e. you find yourself clicking on vid after vid, simply unable to get enough.


Apologies to Our Musicians of Color

I should've known you've been doing what you can.

Over on the Blasian Narrative, I've come a long way in just a few days.  This all started with Raizo and Mika, if you recall.  I was trying to help usher in a new pairing into fandom which didn't incur as much drama as Spock and Uhura, and which we could simply enjoy...you know, like we're supposed to in fandom?

But Raizo and Mika opened up a whole new world for Moi and others - as productive communication is supposed to - and now I've found myself anxiously awaiting the next episode of Ktown Cowboys, and avidly fangirling the likes of Big Phony, Danny Cho, and Se7en (yup, this is he).

And I've found that the whole "Blasian bond" is even stronger than I thought.  I, like most folks, just didn't know it.


Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #19: Jay Tavare

Thanks, Electric Afro!!!

Actor Jay Tavare is something of an enigma.  He was adopted in his infancy and spent most of his life in Europe, but his father was Latino and Navajo (Tavare was born on the reservation).  He's also of White Mountain Apache descent.

You've met him; he's actually quite memorable, though some of his role choices may have been a bit...ahem...questionable.

What drew me to Mr. Tavare was an email from from a commenter; she told me to check out the award-winning Unbowed, in which Tavare plays a captured brave in the late 1800s who falls in love with - *gasp* - a black woman (portrayed by Tembi Locke).  And yes, children, there's a kiss, and yes...even a sex scene.

The DVD is damned hard to find, which doesn't really surprise me, even though the film starred the likes of Ron Glass and garnered awards.  *shakes head*  For now, it's available through his website; the proceeds go to charity.

Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #18: Diego Luna

Sometimes, I have really debate with myself on whom to cover.  Choosing between Mr. Thang here and Gael Garcia Bernal of Y Tu Mama Tambien infamy was quite a struggle (this post was due months ago).  But then...Luna wound up in a Dirty Dancing sequel and an indie flick with Maggie Gyllenhaal which went nowhere, while Bernal got to play Che Guevarra.

So...you know...tie breaker.

Anyhoo, Mr. Thang here is a Mexican actor.  Born in 1979 as Diego Luna Alexander, he grew up in the film and theater industry, getting his start in soap operas and such.  Now, he stays busy, but Hollywood's usually not involved in his work which, when you think about it, is a good thing.

He and Bernal are actually buds; they co-own Canana Productions, and along with another production company, they're currently filming a documentary series about the unsolved murders of 300 women in Ciudad Juarez.

For those of you who've seen Y Tu Mama Tambien, you can see Luna has worked hard to shed his baby-faced image.  Yes...this is really him.  And for those of you drooling, he's married with a kid and another on the way.


Underappreciated Musician of Color #16: Big Phony

Bobby Choy is a truly talented multi-tasker; in addition to acting he's a sensitive singer and guitarist who goes by the stage name Big Phony.  A tall, broad-shouldered, full-lipped, and darkly handsome type, he looks damn sexy in jeans.

Don't let that shy, sweet, fidgets-in-interviews image fool you, though.  As you can see in Ktown Cowboys, ole boy here can - and does - throw down.  I first spied Mr. Thang here when I mistakenly watched a clip from the 6th episode rather than starting at the beginning.  Needless to say, he caught my attention at once.

See what I meant about the jeans?

In the meantime, you gotta hear this man sing.  Yup...that's live.  That's how he sounds live.



Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #17: Peter Jae

Hi, there...yes.

This sculpted, six-foot, jaw-dropping specimen of a man is actor Peter Jae (a.k.a. Pedro Kim), one of the stars of the popular webseries Ktown Cowboys.  Initially, one of his co-stars caught my attention...until Mr. Thang here peeled off his shirt.


Jae's had some gigs; he does his damnedest to stay busy.  But how Hollywood abstains from displaying this man all over the silver screen...completely escapes me. *throws hands in the air*

Now, I've already joined the ranks of Ktown Cowboy devotees, so needless to say, I'm going to pay this man a lot of attention from hereon out.


I'm Skipping the New "Karate Kid" Film...

...for obvious reasons.

*shakes heads*

Let me just say this.  A commenter on here wrote "they were in China so I would have not have assumed that the antagonist wouldn't be Chinese."  But by that logic, the protagonist should also be Chinese.

Here's what I'm getting at: with all the films depicting white kid heroes flooding our screens, yes...we need more POC in such roles.  Do we need such roles at the expense of other POC?  Absolutely not.


Massa & His Favorite Wench...Reunited At Last

"[the people of Iwalatan in West Africa] were generous to me and entertained me...and as for their women - they are extremely beautiful and are more important than the men...."

~Ibn Battuta, Islamic explorer, 1352

"...African countries mentioned include Bobali & Bibaluo, Zengba and Zengbalou. While Bobali and Bibalou seem to point to modern day Somalia, Zengba and Zengbaluo refer more broadly to East Africa. These names are possibly Chinese versions of Arab names....

"...The customs of people who inhabited these countries were extensively written on. The women of Bobali are 'pure and upright' or 'clean and of proper behaviour'...."

"They don't want to acknowledge Asian men as men. Plus, the massa and his favorite wench fantasy is still alive and well.

"The Gods know if Rain had put his lips and hips on Naomie, the theaters would have burned down. Every action movie has at least one gratuitous sex scene. If such a scene shows up on a Blu-Ray extra, I'll scream bloody murder.

"I would argue vehemently that Mika deserved a good fuck after saving Raizo's fine ass at least four times. She deserved a hit and a big Ooooooooooo!!!! Instead, she got stabbed, a heart check and a cheek rub.

"We must take over this fandom...."

~commenter on the Blasian Narrative, as to why sex was absent from Ninja Assassin

Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #16: Kuno Becker

Hola...it's been a while since I laid eyes on His Delectable Highness here, but Nomad is in my Netflix queue, so he and I are about to become reacquainted.  Of course, I'mma have to get in line....

Born January 14, 1978 as Eduardo Kuno Becker Paz, this proud Mexican actor first caught my eye when I saw him in Sex & Breakfast, playing hubby-to-be to Eliza Dushku and cracking jokes about being so good at masturbation he was "signing endorsement deals at 12."

*shakes head*

Anyhoo, this fine, multilingual specimen is a trained actor, writer, and violin prodigy descended from old money and currently unmarried.


Contemplating "White Woman's Tears"

From Abagond:
It ("White Woman's Tears") is built on a set of White American ideas about race, listed here in no particular order:

* It works best when these two stereotypes can be applied:

       o The Sapphire stereotype - black women as mean, angry and disagreeable
       o The Pure White Woman stereotype - white women as these special, delicate creatures who need to be protected at all costs. It is what drives the Missing White Woman Syndrome – and, in the old days, lynchings.

* The r-word: to be called a “racist”, however gently and indirectly, is a terrible, upsetting thing for white people – far worse than, you know, being a racist.


Men of Color...Do NOT Do This

*shakes head*  A pygmy's work is never done.  Let's try this again, shall we?

From a certain blogger of color:

Some of you might think that my behavior towards that cunt was sadistic. However, I disagree.

Anecdote #1

How He Handled It: One of my recent POF dates was being an entitled, cold bitch who spent more time looking around the bar than at me. When she went to the washroom, I paid for my drinks and waited till she came back. When she came back I made one last try which she rebuffed At that point I told her that my bill was paid and left her to pay for her drinks + food (about 30-35$).

She was floored, but that bitch deserved it. I have previously done this to other gals who acted all high and mighty.

*sigh* It's gonna be a long night.


Contemplating "Haan"

More about Haan.

Men of Color, Please Don't Do This

Please, please, please do not confuse a white chick's racism with your own sexism.  You really humiliate yourselves when you do so (and men, before you protest, remember the lack of insight which comes with having certain "privileges").

This was shared with me on the "Shattered Pedestal" post.  A certain blogger of color had an experience with what some POC refer to as a WAP, or "White American Princess".  If you're not sure what that is, read "Shattered Pedestal".

Basically, the WAP entered the bar the blogger was at dressed like a skank.  She talked/flirted with him for - by his own estimate - about 10 minutes.  After that, the WAP's friends descended en masse and swept her out of there.  But...the WAP left her phone, so the blogger contacted her via Facebook the next day to return it to her.

Their conversation?  *shudder*


Underappreciated Actress of Color #38: Nicole Beharie

Abagond's recent post just turned my attention to the 2009 film American Violet, which in turn drew my attention to the stunningly beautiful Nicole Beharie.

I mean...damn.

This 25-year-old actress has only been in the game since 2008, and already she landed a bad-ass, critically acclaimed role based on the real-life case of Regina Kelly V. John Paschall.  This gives her a total of three film roles to her name which, for someone who's very much a newcomer (of color no less), is impressive.  Her future in acting - the gods willing - truly is secure.

Beharie's acting abilities are no shocker, considering she's a recent graduate of Juilliard.  And while I respect the work and abilities of Mo'Nique and Sidebe in Precious, Abagond makes a great point:  American Violet focuses on the corruption and racism of the American justice system and its law enforcement practices.  Naturally, white privilege is exposed and shown no quarter.  And yet...I'm only just hearing of this film now.

Meanwhile, friggin' Precious - no disrespect - focuses on (mostly) the stereotypical pathologies of black people, and the Academy immediately rolled out the red carpet for the entire cast and crew.

Um...*blink* much?


Raizo and Mika - the Addicts' Circle

(Thanks for the pix, Cinnamon!)
"There's a brutal (and admittedly very cool) fight scene every five minutes... But let's be honest, killing is this film's business...and business is good."

~ Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly
I was breaking my own rule by letting things get a bit off-topic with the Uhura post. *bows head in guilt*

However, I figured these two should get their own post ('cause it's about damn time...).

These two have caught the attention of quite a few folks (the M-Rated ones don't automatically show on the list...you gotta request that shit and admit you're a perv in the process).

Now, for all you blasphemous heathens who haven't seen Ninja Assassin but want to know what all the buzz is, you need to rent that shit, like...yesterday.  Even better, buy it so you can watch it every night before you go to bed.  It does wonders for your dreams.

'Cause I have a feeling more straight women bought this DVD than did straight men.  *shrug*  Call it a hunch.

Underappreciated Actress of Color #37: Nicole Lyn

Born on February 24, 1978 as Nicole Stephanie Danielle Lyn, stunning-eyed Miss Thang here is a product of some Blasian lovin'.  Her mother's a Jamaican of African descent, and her father's a Jamaican of Chinese and Caucasian descent (when they say "one love" on that island...they are not playin').

She's actually a Canadian citizen; she was born in Brampton, Ontario and raised in Toronto specifically.  You know her; you've seen her in a lot of stuff...from Feast of All Saints to The West Wing to Deliver Us From Eva to Half & Half to Psych (she's actually married to Psych star, Dulé Hill), even in The L Word (chica gets around)!

I'm proud that Nicole Lyn's worked as hard as she's had (she had to get naked and endure a rape scene in Feast of All Saints), but I don't think she gets nearly enough credit for all her hard work.  As of now, I don't see any upcoming projects from her, but I hope she's just on a temporary hiatus.

Decay: Behind the Wall of Lies, a Guest Post

About the writer: Hateya Habiba is "just a crazy little woman with way too much dopamine in her system and a passionate imagination."  She's a multilingual fiction writer currently living with her husband in his homeland of Japan.  An avid Trek nerd, she is depicted left with actor and legend George Takei.

Several days ago, Ankhesen Mié introduced us to the Five Walls of Abagond's Law.  It stated that white people had five walls to overcome: the wall of lies, the wall of self-interest, the wall of white self, the wall of white society, and the wall of shame and guilt.

Black people have only one wall to overcome, the Wall of Lies, a stark reminder of the extent and the insidiousness of racism in America. The resulting disease hasn't only infected the white masses, it has infected us too, and it's destroying the fabric of African-American society. To this day, we are systematically raped and robbed of our heritage and our place in the world time and again.

The Wall of Lies has perpetrated one of the most heinous crimes in American history: it has made us hate ourselves.

Underappreciated Musician of Color #15: Jana Mashonee

I am seriously kicking myself for not having found this woman a lot sooner.

Jana Mashonee is from North Carolina.  A member of the Lumbee and Tuscarora Tribes, she is a sultry, soulful siren who blends pop, R&B, soul, and sometimes rock and even New Age with her native roots.  She also does classic covers (like "A Change is Gonna Come" and "Stairway to Heaven)".  So no matter what you're into, you best believe she's got something you're going to like.

Jana sings a lot about love, lost love, inter-tribal love, spiritual love, romantic love - all love.  Her new album, New Moon Born, is exceptional - the woman's got range, I'm telling you.  Her voice has some serious power, and her song "Solid Ground" is available for free download.

In addition to touring 48 of the US states, she's toured Europe and Canada.  That's right, y'all.  Chica is on a roll.  Jana's a NAMA winner, who's set up three scholarship funds for Native youth  (Academic, Artistic, and Athletic) to which anyone can donate.  *narrows eyes*  I'mma be sendin' mine in so y'all know what y'all need to do.  Anyhoo...an undeniably sexy songtress, Jana is also quite fashionable.


Draptoresponsia Case Study #12: Shattered Pedestal

Patient #0012

Patient 0012 was referred to a medical board by an appalled clinician.  The patient had scribbled a troubling experience in her diary entitled, "Shocked by British men's choice..what is WRONG WITH MEN IN EUROPE? Confused..?" and submitted it for general review.
I'm a college student here in the U.S and this summer I did the "studying abroad" like most universities have. There were about 45 students this summer from the business school in my University.

I'm 23 years and I consider myself a good looking girl because I take care of myself. I do not look down on others or races. I'm obvious white, 115 pounds, 5"5" tall, 36 bust. In college i have a lot of guys going after me and my friends.
Patient begins by establishing she is, in fact, racist...("I do not look down on others or races" is a common racist foreshadowing).  The patient is aware of her privilege, and sounds proud of it ("I'm obvious white, 115 pounds, 5"5" tall, 36 bust. In college i have a lot of guys going after me and my friends").


The Ankhesen Mié Lexicon, Volume III

Damn...it's been a while....

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Amazing Grace

The dreaded "eye-opener".  Describes when whites lash out at people of color for making them realize something about white America which they [whites] preferred to remain ignorant about, because now they're given the most dreaded choice of all: either cling to privilege or become a decent human being.

The term is inspired by white folks who claim to have-been-blind-but now-can-see...only to be horrified by what they see.  Thus, they throw a temper tantrum because they realize they've snorted the red pill, and now can't return to the Matrix.

Example: Sometimes, draptoresponsia is caused by having an Amazing Grace.

Contemplating "Abagond's Law"

Behold the Five Walls of Abagond's Law

To overcome their racism people of colour in America have only one wall to overcome, "the Wall of Lies", but white people have five:
1. The Wall of Lies: America was built on racism – on slavery and genocide. The lies that made that seem right and good are still with us. You see them in schoolbooks, newspapers, Hollywood films, jokes, even in the stuff your parents and friends say. You hear them so much you think they are true. Few question them unless they are stuck on the wrong side of those lies. And even then it can take years. And even then you might not see through them all.

2. The Wall of Self-Interest: Few people of colour stand to gain from racism: it hurts them in society at large and, if they believe in it themselves, it leads to self-hatred. Not so for white people: racism allows them to have higher incomes, lower unemployment, safer streets, better schools and longer lives. On top of that it allows them to live comfortably in nice houses while black and Latino children in dangerous neighbourhoods go to bad schools.

Draptoresponsia Case Study #11: The Anti-Racist Liberal Racist

Patient #0011

Clinician first learned of Patient 0011 when a demented fan of his was caught scribbling his name on the walls of Abagond's waiting room.  Clinician forgot about him, but then upon remembrance decided to finally analyze patient.

Patient 0011's most dominant draproresponsic symptom is his extreme narcissism, as evidenced by his pseudo-Shakespearean ode to himself daintily painted upon his cell walls.
Personally, I have been described as “otherworldly,”, “beyond highbrow,” “one of those totally out to lunch genius types,” and “off in my own world.” I have a very high IQ, and I’m told that a lot of high-IQ folks are like this. There doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it, but it does cause me problems.

...I have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism is described as “a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.”

I see myself as a pan-humanist universalist and a White ethnocentric anti-racist race realist, who strongly dislikes the PC, Cultural Marxist, Identity Politics, Western New Left.

I am a White advocate because I am White, and as Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who am I for?” I hearken back to an earlier Left that did not shy from cultural critique, particularly of backwards and reactionary cultures.


Contemplating "Ignorance and Opinions"

"The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”

Elbert Hubbard

Underappreciated Musician of Color #14: Free Dominguez

Once described as "Trent Reznor with breasts," Free Dominguez is a bad-ass musician, singer, and songwriter currently based in Los Angeles.  Born and raised in Texas, this resplendent Latina moved to LA at 20 and began to fulfill her dreams in music at the age of 23 when she co-founded Kidneythieves.  Though they disbanded in 2004, they reformed in 2007.

While she was solo, Free released some glorious music.  My favorite song from that time, "The Devil I Know", is still up on her MySpace.  Her voice is sweet, husky, fluid, and dangerous all at once.  Her composition is impeccable; her Southern roots come through loud clear in the guitar and drums.  And when she harmonizes with herself, it's one of the most haunting sounds you'll ever hear.

Kidneythieves are working on a new album and may (hopefully) schedule a tour.  I'd kill to see this woman perform.